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Lincoln brought back the iconic 1961 Continental with expansive center-opening doors in 2019. Better known has coach doors or suicide doors, Lincoln only produced 80 limited edition vehicles to celebrate the 80th Anniversary.


But what makes this car so special? It is the only vehicle aside from a Rolls Royce to have center-opening doors. The elegance of the Lincoln Continental is shown in full force.


Both front and rear doors open 90 degrees and have a soft-close feature. The special edition keeps the Continental’s electronic door handle, which doesn't need a latch to open the door. Other standard features on this special edition include a flow-through rear console that includes a hard-trim cushion table, dual tablet/notebook holders, a wireless charging pad, two USB outlets, and a 110V power outlet, and audio and climate controls with a four-inch display screen.”


To make it worth your while, the Coach Door Edition also stands out compared to the regular Continental courtesy of its special badging on that massive rear center console. Illuminated rear-door sills made from aluminum along with a secured pass-through storage compartment and a rear-door-mounted umbrella round off the changes.”


For the casual car person, the Lincoln Continental Coach Edition is the vehicle you see the president of any country come out of. You feel like a million bucks sitting in the back seat. It’s the type of vehicle that you shouldn’t be driving but have someone drive for you on a daily basis. The price tag isn’t issued for the individual looking for a piece of history that is rare to find. If only 80 Continentals produced owning a piece of history is finally obtainable. Lincoln is also eyeing a return to the iconic Continental in 2020. 


This encore edition of a timeless classic rises above the typical notions of luxury with the extraordinary Lincoln Black Label ownership experience to match.”

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