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After a year of uncertainty, April 1st or better known as April Fools Day is a fun holiday to pull a joke on loved ones or coworkers. Remember to play the field safe and know each other's boundaries. There is no need for any individual to cross the line with a joke. 

We did our research and found the best and safe jokes you could pull on your family or coworkers. 

Rearranged Kitchen Drawers
"Many people like to keep the utensil drawer in their kitchen strictly organized. They know exactly where the forks and spoons belong, to the point where they could reach in blindfolded and find exactly what they need. Switch up that carefully organized system and you'll cause genuine cooking chaos."

Krispy Kreme Veggies
"You'll be a hero when you show up at the office with two dozen delicious doughnuts for your coworkers. Well, at least you will until they open the box and realize you've replaced the pastries with some cruciferous greens. Nothing tastes as sad as cauliflower when you were expecting something glazed with sprinkles."

Flip the Screen
"It's so easy, it'd be an April Fools' crime not to use it on somebody. All you have to do is get access to their computer—wait until they're at lunch or on a bathroom break—and hit Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow. It instantly flips everything on their PC screen so it's upside down. (Don't worry, it's just as easy to reverse. Just hit Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow.) For a Mac, go to their System Preferences, open the Displays option and click on the "Rotate" menu."

Send Them Glitter
"Everybody loves glitter, right? It gets everywhere and it’s almost impossible to clean up. Fill an envelope with glitter and drop it in the mail, and then make sure you’re far away when your victim gets around to opening it. For extra fun, make the envelope look like it’s important correspondence that they need to open immediately. And if you’d rather leave the glitter delivery to the professionals, there’s a service that will do it for you."

Caramel Onions
"A caramel apple makes you think of county fairs and summer street festivals, right? So if you saw something round, covered in caramel, and with a stick in the bottom, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to sink your teeth into it. But imagine that it’s not an apple under all that sugary caramel but an onion. Ugh, our taste buds are grimacing just thinking about it. Here’s a recipe with step-by-step instructions on making your own confectionary travesty."

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