Uber ride of your dreams

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Driving with your friends and family is always a fun adventure. What if Uber paid you to pick up any individual you have looked up to or any celebrity. Driving around in the 2020 Lincoln Navigator, you would impress your new friends. Who would you pick up? Remember, you could choose any celebrity, person of power, athlete to send your day with. Choose wisely. 

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Top 5 Car Movies

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COVID-19 paused the entire country and forced most of the world to stay home. With many of us at home or working from home, we turned to television, social media, and other forms of entertainment to keep us from losing our minds. Streaming services went up and thus making us view movies or television series to pass the time. Being in the automotive world, I wanted to take the time to list the top 5 car movies of all time – my list. I am…

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Top 5 questions to ask yourself before you buy a new car?

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Whether you are buying a car or leasing, I believe we all go through the same internal struggle of asking ourselves a ton of questions. The car industry is not an easy one especially year-after-year car salespeople are viewed as untrustworthy. According to Fobes.com, in 2018 car salespeople ranked number two as the least trustworthy job profession. With that being said, we struggle inside trying to believe if the price in front of us is the best deal. 

We are going to see the top five questions that you will ask yourself when purchasing a new car. 


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Get to know the Lincoln Continental Black Label with Coach Doors

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Lincoln brought back the iconic 1961 Continental with expansive center-opening doors in 2019. Better known has coach doors or suicide doors, Lincoln only produced 80 limited edition vehicles to celebrate the 80th Anniversary.


But what makes this car so special? It is the only vehicle aside from a Rolls Royce to have center-opening doors. The elegance of the Lincoln Continental is shown in full force.

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Top Car Commercials

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The way we consume content has changed so much over the past years. Today, we do not watch television the same way but that does not take away from the fact we have had plenty of memorable car commercials.

Advertisers today must be more creative on how they communicate with their viewers. The way to my heart is humor and I really believe if you trying to make a lasting impression, one must laugh or cry.

Let’s take a look back at my top 3 car commercials. Feel free to let me know your opinion and if you disagree…

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Should I Lease or Finance?

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It’s time to upgrade your vehicle after it has been loyal to you for 10 plus years. You have properly done your homework and research local dealerships to find a vehicle you like at a price that fits your budget. Then comes the question, should I lease or purchase.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question but your driving habits play a big factor. CreditKarma.com provided a snapshot as to what it looks like when considering leasing compared to purchasing a vehicle.

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Welcome to our Blog

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Welcome to the Doral Lincoln Blog. Our blog will be dedicated to topics around the car industry but also currents events and everything fun about our lovely city of Miami. To our readers, you could also find us on social media. On Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube you could find us at @DoralLincoln. 
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