The Comprehensive Lincoln Service Center Near Miami

Lincoln is a brand that remains synonymous with luxury. To every detail there's a sense of refinement and pampering. This holds true of Lincoln service extended at Doral Lincoln.

In one location, all your Lincoln service needs are attended to. There are also convenient features to savor as we take care of everything. Lincoln service comes to you near Hialeah.

Lincoln Servicing - Important and Vital to Vehicle Wellbeing

As a comprehensive Lincoln dealership in South Florida, we offer the client every convenience known in the industry. So, too, of Lincoln service.

Performed per factory-suggested mileage parameters or at-will, our state-of-art facility is staffed by Lincoln service professionals. Handling every detail and procedure - from the mundane to the complicated - you're never left to worry. Service performed is done right.

And most of what is simple should be performed on a regular basis.

There may even be cost-saving specials spanning common procedures in the following:

  • Oil changes should be performed every few thousand miles for optimal fuel efficiency and engine health.
  • Tire rotations evenly distribute wear across your Lincoln Corsair tire assortment.
  • Brake systems require constant upkeep and monitoring, with parts replaced as necessary.
  • Cabin, engine and air-conditioning filters should be replaced upon certain mileage milestones reached.
  • Batteries servicing does much to enhance systems' charging and performance, including starts.
  • Systems of brakes, steering and wipers require fluid levels topped off and fresh.
  • Wiper blade replacement is a simple affair yet all important given our climate.

The above just a sampling of the most common procedures promoting safe vehicle operation throughout.

Lincoln Mobile Service - We Come to You 

To Lincoln ownership is a wealth of benefits. One such aspect of the Lincoln experience is Lincoln Mobile Service.

In this effort, our mobile-service team comes to your home or Downtown office. And right then, there basic maintenance procedures are performed onsite.

Encompassing oil changes, windshield wiper replacements, battery installation and timing belt repairs - to name a few - there's no need to visit our Lincoln service center.

Schedule Pick-Up and Delivery

Doral Lincoln also offers a convenient pick-up and delivery option when it comes time to service your Lincoln Nautilus.

By accessing our dedicated online page, you may set your appointment to have your Lincoln luxury SUV picked up at home or office.

And when servicing is complete, your prized Lincoln will be returned per your direction.

Lincoln Priority Service™ - A Comprehensive Procedure in One, Fell Swoop

To streamline Lincoln servicing for the client, Doral Lincoln offers Lincoln Priority Service.

Convened with two options, one comprehensive service regime is completed while you remain at home or wait onsite in a comfortable lounge area.

When choosing Lincoln Priority Service, your Lincoln Navigator benefits from the following:

  • Motorcraft synthetic-blend oil installation and filter replacement.
  • Tire rotation, inspection and pressure adjustment.
  • Multipoint inspection and filter check.
  • Car wash before vehicle's return to you.

Lincoln Priority Service Plus provides the above service details with additional maintenance of the following:

  • Engine and cabin filter replacement when necessary.
  • Front wiper blade installation.
  • Loaner vehicle pick-up and delivery when in-warranty.

Lincoln Access Rewards - Your Personal Rewards Program

As part of the incomparable Lincoln experience, Lincoln Access Rewards lends an air of celebration to ownership.

When becoming a member, you're entitled to rewards points earned and redeemed. In addition to exclusive tier benefits and branded experiences, with every one dollar spent, 10-points are earned.

With accumulation, points may be redeemed at your discretion for servicing or future vehicle purchase.

Lincoln of Doral Lincoln - Your Lincoln Dealership of Preference

Contact us with any questions or need of additional information.